Disturbing Documentaries That Will Scar Parents Forever

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SuperSize Me (2004)

Image: Snoot Entertainment

Supersize Me, the foodie documentary that rocked parents and children years ago when it first came out, is a must-see! It continues to be referenced when discussing the best ways to getting kids to eat healthy. The director, Morgan Spurlock, conducted a social experiment (on himself) where he ate McDonald’s for 30 days – trying out everything on the fast food giant’s menu.  Spurlock films his journey as he gains 24 pounds in less than a month, gets high blood pressure and cholesterol, and balloons a few milkshakes and a Big Mac away from a heart attack.

Food documentaries are great for letting parents know exactly what they’re feeding their kids, and allowing them to make smart decisions about their kids’ diet. But if you want your kids to hate you for ruining McDonald’s for them, make them watch this one with you.

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