Disturbing Documentaries That Will Scar Parents Forever

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Vaxxed (2016)

Image: Del Bigtree Production

With outbreaks of measles affecting various U.S. cities, parents may purposely avoid vaccine documentaries. But knowledge is power when considering the safety of our kids, so this is definitely a must-see documentary. In Vaxxed, a whistleblower doctor, Mr. William Thompson, admits that the CDC wasn’t completely forthcoming about its findings regarding a link between autism and and the MMR vaccine. Various well-known doctors confess their own shock and feelings of guilt as they learned a vaccine they recommended had hurt some of their patients.

This documentary should be grouped with other anti-vaccination documentaries. It accounts for real children affected with adverse effects of the MMR vaccine and the stress and turmoil experienced by those patients and their families. Vaxxed discusses both sides of the issue: pro-vax and anit-vax and provides concrete evidence to support both sides. It gives parents the information they need to know the risks involved whichever way they decide. This doc may make you doubt what you know or even change how much you trust your doctor and the government officials who make vital decisions about the health of your child.

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