Disturbing Documentaries That Will Scar Parents Forever

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As a parent, you can never know too much about raising your child — especially when it comes to making sure they are safe.  Documentaries are great eye-openers chock full of information to help us make inform decisions about society and the people we love. But the following real-life cases are so jarring and emotional draining, you may wanna steer clear or at least have a support group near by.  Take a look at our list of chilling, heart-breaking documentaries that parents should see ONLY IF they have their therapist on speed-dial.

Surviving R-Kelly documentaries (2019)

Image: Yahoo Entertainment

Image: Bunim/Murray Productions

Considering mega-R&B star R-Kelly has a long history of legal troubles and accusations for sexual misconduct, it’s no wonder his victims decided to come forward to produce the deeply troubling documentaries, Surviving Kelly. R-Kelly has had a questionable past with underaged girls since the 90’s (when he illegally married 14-year-old singer Aaliyah). This three-part documentaries which aired in January 2019, revealed a string of sexual abuse against young women of color (ages 14 and up).

Surviving R-Kelly focuses on Kelly’s 2008 child pornography case, sexual cult allegations, and various accounts from women (including his wife, Andrea Kelly) admitting to being sexual abused by the singer. Some of Kelly’s victims reveal Kelly refusing to let them go to the bathroom or eat without his permission, as well as the girls being forced to engage in sexual activities with other women and without protection.  It’s an emotional and depressing doco that will have parents enraged, disgusted, and wanting to lock their daughters in their rooms.

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