Former Disney Star’s Defense Of Bryan Singer Is Insulting To Sexual Assault Victims Everywhere

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Bryan SingerI’m sure by now you’ve all heard the accusations against X-Men director Bryan Singer, but just in case, here goes. Singer is being accused of sexually assaulting actor Michael Egan numerous times when he was 14 and 15-years-old. The assaults allegedly took place during various debaucherous Hollywood parties in Encino, California. In a lawsuit, Egan claims that Singer got him liquored up and forced him to perform sexual acts. Now a former Disney star Matthew Smith is coming to Singer’s defense in the most baffling way: by claiming that since Singer never assaulted him, he must be innocent.


According to TMZ, Smith (a Wizards of Waverly Place alum) claims that Singer had tons of opportunities to sexually assault him, but never made a move. Because we all know that gay men are attracted to every single man on Earth, so there’s no chance that Singer could have been disinterested in Smith. Oh wait, that’s the complete opposite of the truth. Sorry Matthew, but the whole “he could have raped me, but didn’t therefore he’s innocent” defense is bullshit.

Smith apparently met Singer back in 2007 when he was 17-years-old (which is three years older than Egan was when he met the director), and they became friendly over the next two years. According to Smith, he was alone with Singer several times, and even flew with him on a private jet, yet Singer somehow managed to control himself.

Here’s the thing, Matt. Pedophiles don’t rape every child they come in contact with. The fact that he didn’t make a move on you proves nothing. Maybe you fell out of contact before he had a chance to finish grooming you. Maybe the fact that your mother was apparently there for some of the visits threw him off. Or maybe he just wasn’t attracted to you. You were years older than Egan, and being into children is kind of what pedophiles do. Perhaps you’re right, and Egan is in it for the money. Maybe “he’ll get murdered in court,” just like you say. But that’s for a court to decide, not you.

The “he didn’t rape everyone, therefore innocent” defense is faulty and hurts all victims of sexual assault. And if predators went after every potential victim, they wouldn’t be free to rape and molest for very long, now would they?