Disney Princesses Dressed As Dudes Are Gender-Bending And Busting Expectations

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It seems like every week or so, there’s a different new depiction of Disney characters, whether it’s disabled princesses or retro princesses or even Disney dudes with facial hair. Personally, I am pretty into this internet trend. Disney has a disturbingly large influence on the imagery in our society, so I’m all for it when artists redesign and redefine the perfect paragons of femininity that are the Disney princesses.

The latest iteration is no different. An animation student named Miyuli decided to make our favorite Disney princesses up male versions of their traditionally-recognizable costumes. She also redrew them as male. Think a man wearing Jasmine’s crop top and Cinderella, as a dude, with a broom and a kerchief on his head. The results are pretty striking. Take a look:

disney-cinderella frozen


I particularly like the male version of Ariel, don’t you? I would love to see a version of this where it shows the actual romantic heroes in the feminine garb, like the Beast wearing Belle’s gold ball gown or John Smith in Pocahontas’ dress. That would be even more interesting and jarring.

Like it or not, Disney princesses have a serious and continued hold on our imaginations, especially those of our children. These gender-bending versions of the Disney princesses provide a necessary counterpoint to the traditional femininity that pervades the Disney brand. While I don’t think these images are going to be seen by any princess-obsessed four-year-old girls anytime soon, they certainly make me think a little differently about what a fairytale princess (or prince) might look like.

Photos: Miyuli