It Sounds Like Being A Disney Princess Sucks It, So All Of Our Childhood Dreams Are Destroyed

disney princess reddit A former Disney princess, you know, one of those actresses who walk around the park so you can force her to take a photograph with your child, recently gave a Reddit AMA where she told all about her career as a Disney princess and what really went on behind the scenes. I always have so much sympathy for these park mascots, because not only do the animal and creature characters have to wear these giant suits which most get terribly hot, but the princess always have to speak in their princess voices and their faces must get so tired from smiling.

One of these questions was how Snow White got her job. She replied:

I auditioned, my job now is actually to sit behind the audition desk at a similar type of gig. Auditions are usually “cattle call” and open auditions which means you show up at the same time as hundreds of others and wait to be seen. When I auditioned for Disney there were 700 others there and the audition took 2 days of different rounds until we were hired.


Another user asked the very important question of how much one can expect to make by being a Disney Princess.

When I first started I was at $13.50 and the top out was $16. Though I think it might be different now. Disney does not do large raises, only about 15 cents a year. It’s a good part time job for sure because of the pay but when you are still making the same thing at year 3 it doesn’t exactly motivate you to work harder.


So we learn that Princesses don’t actually make a lot of bank. Princesses also must be between 5’4 and 5’7 (I am too tall to be a princess!) ,most princesses hang up their glass slippers by age 27 (I am too old to be a princess!) and they must always speak in character, which gave this AMA Snow White inoperable vocal nodes. What really makes me think I selected the right career path in not becoming a princess was this statement that our princess made, when asked about her worst experience:

For several weeks, a very old man would come to the park on Saturdays and see me. He would always bring me pictures of his Snow White memorabilia and try to kiss me. He quickly realized that at the time I was the only girl with brown eyes and that must mean that I was the true Snow White.

So one day I had Saturday off and he met Snow White, but she happened to have blue eyes. Well, the next time I showed up for work he was pissed. He told me that he was going to kill all the girls with blue eyes and that when he died we’d be together. I totally freaked out and had to report him to security. He had his annual pass revoked.

I was really young at the time so management had to get involved. The whole thing was a mess.

A mess indeed! So now that I know what it’s really like to be a Disney princess, I will probably look at them with a lot more respect when I visit the parks.

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