Not Creepy At All: Now You Can Put Your Daughter’s Face On A Disney Princess

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Disney PrincessYou know how little girls really really, really, really want to be Belle. They just don’t want to have her dress and her shoes and her magical friends. They want to be her. You know, aside from being ripped away from your father and imprisoned by a beast with anger issues. But the books and the pretty dresses and the walking clocks that orchestrated wonderful meals? Sign every little girl ever up for that please.

Well now, your precious little one can come one step closer to being Belle.

*I should mention, she could also become one of the other Disney princesses, but who really wants to be the girl who sleeps or the one who can’t talk? No one. Everyone wants to be Belle.

So how are all the little lovelies going to become Disney princesses? Well the entertainment giant is using recently developed technology to superimpose children’s faces onto their favorite princess.

For a whopping $99.95, a little “princess in waiting” between the ages of 3 and 12 will be able to see her face on a seven-inch figurine of Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White or Tiana. She’ll have her very own statue of herself as a Disney princess!

The technology used to create these mini-princesses was previously used to create personalized Star Wars memorabilia where fans could find themselves dressed like Han Solo and “frozen” in carbonite.

Is it just me or is this entire trend a little bit creepy? Listen, I’m a Disney princess fan. My daughter and I enjoy Disney movies together. We have every princess doll on the market. But they’re characters with their own story. I like being able to separate those characters from my daughter so that I can point out that she doesn’t have to mirror them in every way possible. Like, you know, possibly giving up her voice so that she can attract a man.

These new figurines make the child and the princess one. As a woman who knows her way around a Disney movie, that makes me a little worried. I’d rather my daughter be her own person, and she can appreciate the characters from a distance.

What about you moms? Will you be princess-ifying your little girl?