Discovery of NSFW-Looking Sea Creature Sends Twitter Off the Deep End

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Nature is insane, and nature in Australia is particularly mind-blowing. When a team of scientists from the Museums Victoria in Australia returned from a month-long expedition exploring Australia’s eastern abyss, we’re sure they were jazzed to share their interesting findings with the world. The discovery of new and unknown creatures lurking in the deep ocean is sure to tittle even an amateur scientists fancy.

One particular sea creature, however, was a bit more titillating than we were prepared to handle.

We’re sure it was no accident that the International Business Times UK chose this image to share when they tweeted out their article on the expedition (social media managers and interns are the unsung heroes of the internet). It didn’t take Twitter long to get wind of this cute little fella, and turn a scientific discovery into endless jokes about penises and mermaid masturbation.

The, uh, phallic looking creature surprisingly isn’t called a penis fish. It’s actually a peanut worm, and it’s “‘introvert’ section is muscular, highly extensible and capable of being withdrawn into the trunk by retractor muscles when threatened.” Maybe it should be called a penis fish, is what we’re saying.

We are 100% supportive of the sciences (obviously), and our explorer hearts go all aflutter over the discovery of new sea creatures in the vast oceans on this planet (it’s true!), but when you see a picture of what looks like a swimming penis, you do what any slightly immature person would do: you bookmark the article to read later and run off to Twitter for the dick jokes.

And in this case, Twitter did NOT disappoint.

(Image: Twitter /  IB Times UK)