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Texas Family Is Suing DirecTV For Sending A Pervert To Their Home

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In the end, it was news channel WFAA 8 that finally got an actual response out of DirecTV and it’s as evasive as you might imagine:

“The information you have is incorrect. The subject you are speaking of has no affiliation with DirecTV whatsoever. The actual installer was a MasTec [MasTec Advanced Technologies] contractor who, in violation of company policy, brought the subject with him. The relationship between MasTec and the contractor was terminated. DirecTV installation contractors and sub-contractors are required to complete a background check before being allowed to perform any installation services.”

First of all, while Massey wasn’t an actual employee, the police report from the incident clearly states that both he and his partner “both stated they were independent contractors/installers” for DirecTV. Secondly and most importantly, why was this so difficult to convey to the family involved of their lawyers? Why did it take media heat to finally get their heads out of their asses? I’m guessing that they wanted to distance themselves from this as much as possible, and were hoping it would just go away.Seems they could have saved themselves a lawsuit by opening up about how they planned to stop this from happening again.

Had DirecTV actually tried to work with this family instead of stonewalling them for two years, I would most likely be inclined to say a lawsuit was unnecessary. Hell, I think the family would agree. But since it seems they did everything they could to reach out to this company, only to receive silence, I think they are well within their rights and I hope they win. It doesn’t mention any action taken against the subcontractor, but I hope they sue them too. This should never happen to anyone again.

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