Dina Lohan Updates Us On Lindsay’s Playboy Shoot

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Lindsay Lohan and Dina LoahnLindsay Lohan was scheduled to do a Playboy shoot and the 25-year-old train wreck talked the magazine up from $750,000 to a $1 million for going nude. Dina Lohan took the opportunity to update everyone on just how the shoot went, never missing a moment to capitalize on poor Lindsay.

Lindsay was photographed heading to the palatial Beverly Hills Playboy mansion where the photo shoot took place, her white blonde hair peeking out from a beanie.

Dina told that, “The photo shoot went well.” A beaming mother, I’m sure.

When not appearing in men’s magazines, Lindsay has been buckling down on her community service at a Los Angeles morgue, reportedly scrubbing toilets and washing linens. The former child star didn’t get around to completing 480 hours of community service as part of her sentence for stealing a gold necklace.

Lindsay has also recently fired her business manager, Lou Taylor, known for managing other crumbling young women like Britney Spears. According to Daily Mail, Lindsay needs someone who can put more effort into her career — or perhaps revive it.

And don’t forget that when not shopping a tell-all memoir about her daughter’s descent into alcoholism, Dina is working her younger daughter too — handing teenage Ali Lohan over to modeling sharks amidst speculation that the 17 year old has had cosmetic surgery.

These Lohan kids really don’t have a chance.