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‘You People’ Need To Stop Scrutinizing Dina Lohan In This Dr. Phil Promo!

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You people! You people and your scrutinizing of Dina Lohan! She isn’t even sure if the camera is rolling!
[youtube_iframe id=”-JsvYKwx0hw”]
You need to stop! Dina Lohan is not flitting around! She just wants to go home now Dr. Phil, yeah you Dr. Phil, in your little tie and your little shoes!

And then we get a quip from father-of-the-century Michael Lohan inquiring if Dina was drinking before she taped the episode which will air on Monday. Gosh gee Michael, I am not sure what makes you think ex-wife Dina Lohan may have been hitting the Ernest and Julio Gallo fun jug before this show taped. Could it be the fact she sounds like her mouth is full of novocaine and marbles? Could it be watching her flop all over Dr. Phil’s crybaby confessional couch? Could it be that she goes from weeping to flirting to giggling to maniacally sobbing to making excuses for Lindsay’s numerous legal woes all the while flipping her highlighted imaginary “once upon a time Rockette” hair?

She sure does seem a little bit drinky to me! Or something.

But what do I know? I’m just here scrutinizing Dina Lohan in my little shoes. She told TMZ she was so NOT drunk:

“I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says.”

She continues, “All people saw was two minutes edited of an hour long interview. Of course they cut it to make it interesting. That’s their job . I don’t blame them for doing that. Some of the comments were taken out of context but I’m fine. I’m fine.”

The Dr. Phil crew cut that interview promo to make her look drunk! And they obviously used some fancy editing CGI special effects to make Dina Lohan slur her words and slide all over the place and act all drunky. They probably hired some special effects team to work on this preview so people tune in to watch the interview because you people? Dina Lohan is fine. She doesn’t care what anyone says!

Oh Dina Lohan. Once again you have made us all feel so sorry for your daughter.

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