My Fiancé And I Have Totally Different Parenting Styles And We Probably Should Have Discussed This

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Now I watch my fiancé put pasta or French fries on little toy trucks on “The Little Terror” tray table, so he’ll eat. He’ll allow our son – oh I don’t know – ten times to throw things off the tray table. I’ll be like, “I don’t care if he cries. He’s not eating his fucking spaghetti off a truck and he only gets three chances!”

Don’t get me wrong. My fiancé is a wonderful man, a great father, and I love him dearly. I just never thought I would be the Bad Cop parent, because it’s just so not me. But because his parenting style turns out to be even more laidback than mine, I’ve actually turned into sounding like a nagging mother…to my fiancé. That’s not who I want to be!

For all you planning on having a baby, the questions you should NOT be worried about are names, or discussions of what the baby will look like. What potential parents should be asking each other are questions like, “What would you do when our child purposely hits you?” Or, “Are we going to allow our child to drink Apple juice straight or mix it with water?” Or, “How do you see yourself reacting to seeing our toddler crawling on the kitchen table?” Because, if you don’t, then one of you is going to turn into the Bad Cop Parent, like me, and, fuck me, I didn’t even send in a resume for that position. Please, someone, fire me!

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