My Fiancé And I Have Totally Different Parenting Styles And We Probably Should Have Discussed This

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I was like, “Um, that’s not how you punish a kid!” (I’ve never punished my daughter before, because she was a near perfect toddler! But I do know that giving a cookie right after a baby does something bad isn’t the right path to take.)

I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent, but I also don’t like the fact my son eats Pringles. The reason? His father buys Pringles. And Pringles is what he gives our son when he needs a break for five minutes. “I don’t like him eating junk food,” I told my fiancé, who said it’s okay in moderation. I can comprehend that argument but now “The Little Terror” knows that Pringles exist in this world and he LOVES them. Sigh.

I also believe that once you put your 21 month old to bed, at 7:30 p.m. sharp – because I believe babies’ need a routine – you can’t go back in the room. “Is it okay if I just go at look at him? I miss him,” my fiancé will say. “And he’s still crying.”

Then I sound like a – GAH – MOTHER, saying, “No. You can not go back into the room or he’ll get used to it.” Sigh.

My fiancé also believes, which I don’t, that putting a baby to bed later will keep them sleeping in later. I tell him it doesn’t matter what time you put a baby to bed, and that OUR baby, no matter what, will wake up at 7 a.m. (I’ve not been wrong about that yet. EVER!)

We also had a conversation recently about toy guns.  I hate toy guns, because I hate guns. So, no, honey, I don’t think you should buy him a water gun. (Guess who owns a little water gun?)

Sometimes, when “The Little Terror” is playing alone nicely, I’ll have to say to my fiancé, “Stay away! He’s happy right now! Leave him be.” I believe that teaching a child to play nicely alone is a positive thing to learn

And the dog! The Little Terror has a love/hate relationship with our dog, and will often pull his tail, or purposely (I recognize an evil grin when I see one!) take his ball away or bother the dog when he’s eating. My fiancé actually sides with the dog, saying our son is just ‘playing,’ while I’m worried the dog is going to one day get really annoyed with “The Little Terror” and bite his ear off.

With my daughter, I really was a laid back mother, possibly because her father just took my lead. It was so much easier that way! If my daughter threw something off the tray table three times, the toy was taken away.

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