Planning a Baby Shower? Diaper Sushi Is Way Cuter Than a Diaper Cake

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Diaper cakes are a standard gift and centerpiece at baby showers all over the world. It’s not clear how the trend started, but one day someone said, “This pregnant lady is going to need diapers. Let’s make the diapers look like a big wedding cake!” And thus the diaper cake industry was born.

One hopes those showers have real cakes, too. It’s kind of mean to give someone a cake made of diapers and not give them a real cake, too.

But now there’s something much better than a diaper cake: Diaper sushi!

Diaper sushi

A company in Japan decided that if diaper cakes were fun, diaper sushi would be better, and they were right. The sushi gift boxes come in big, wooden boxes–like the bamboo boxes for steaming food–and each piece of “sushi” is made of a diaper and some other useful household object. The white diaper is the the rice, and the “fish” part of the sushi is some other useful thing.

There are a lot of useful sponges in there!

The “egg sushi” is actually a yellow sponge on top of a diaper. The “sea urchin” sushi is an orange microfiber floor mop.

diaper sushi

Diaper Sushi

The sushi pieces are all made with different kinds of special sponges, towels, soaps, and bibs. Luckily the sushi diaper box set comes with a “menu” explaining what every item is. (The “tuna” sushi is a special sort of towel for cleaning glass, which I might never have guessed.)

It might, however, be slightly more mean to give a pregnant person a box of diaper sushi instead of a diaper cake, because pregnant people can eat cake, but in the U.S. we’re often told to not eat sushi while pregnant. That’s not such a problem for women in Japan, though, who are more likely to hear that they should eat sushi because it’s very healthful.

The company that produces Diaper Sushi sets does have an English-language website, and it does ship internationally. The box is $111, but shipping to the U.S. is extremely expensive. This would not be an unreasonable DIY project for a person with good crafting skills, though. And you’d certainly get a reputation for being the best Pinterest mom in your friends group.

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