7 Reasons Diaper Bags Are Better Than Purses

Diaper bags get a lot of hate, even here on Mommyish. A few months ago we published a post about how diaper bags are full of crap and you don’t need one. No offense to my fellow writers, but I disagree. My diaper bag is big, ugly, has stood by me through two children, and I absolutely love it. Would a purse be more stylish? Probably. But, I’d have to be a lot more careful with a purse, and let’s be honest here: no one ever accused me of being stylish even before I started carrying a diaper bag full time. Here are seven reasons diaper bags are actually way cooler than purses:

1. They hold all of the things.


You were already practically perfect in every way, but now you also have a magic bag. Anyone need a snack, a Band-Aid, a chew toy, or a stained glass Tiffany lamp? Move over, Mary Poppins. Mom’s got this.

2. It doesn’t matter if you spill on them.


Formula, breast milk, fruit puree, diaper cream — bring it on. Diaper bags were built to hold up against any sort of grossness you can imagine and it’s kind of nice not having to be neurotic about protecting your bag.

3. They’re easy to clean.


Flip it upside down over a trash can to get rid of crumbs and garbage, then wipe it down with a Clorox wipe. Pretty sure I’ve never been able to do that with my Dooney & Bourke.

4. No one cares if they don’t match your outfit.


Diaper bags are totally unfashionable, so they’re also sort of immune to the rules. No one, not even your mother-in-law, is going to point out that your lavender striped diaper bag doesn’t go with your shoes. It’s a low-fashion free pass.

5. They can withstand anything.


When the apocalypse finally happens, only cockroaches, McDonald’s Happy Meals, and diaper bags will remain. Those are what the new alien settlers will know of our former civilization.

6. So many compartments.


If you’re an organizational freak like me, you’ll appreciate that diaper bags let you divvy up your goods instead of just having diapers and pacifiers floating around haphazardly in the darkened cave that is a purse. I can’t even find my phone in there. How am I going to find my emergency baby supplies?

7. When you have one, you’re ready for anything.


End up being out longer than you planned? Accidentally board a plane to China instead of the bus home? Zombie apocalypse break out? With diaper bags, you’ve already planned and packed for the unexpected. You might not need all that extra stuff, but in the event that things don’t go according to plan (hint: they never do), you’re okay. You even have stuff to lend to your friend who thought going to the zoo with one diaper in her tiny purse was a good idea.

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