This Girl Successfully Petitioned American Girl for a Diabetes Kit Accessory, and It’s Great News for Lots of Kids

american-girl-diabetesKids learn to deal with the world around them through play and toys. That’s why dolls and games are so important for them, and why one girl has been petitioning American Girl for three years to make an insulin pump and diabetes accessories for their dolls. Now the company has finally released the kit, and it’s great news.

According to Scary Mommy, 11-year-old Anja Busse started a petition two years ago to ask American Girl to produce an American Girl doll accessory of an insulin pump and diabetes supplies. She was a prime age to be obsessed with the American Girl dolls, and she had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Busse said that her diagnosis made her feel different and isolated, and she said she thought that having diabetes supplies for her doll would make her feel like her diabetes treatments were more of a normal, everyday sort of thing.

Busse started a petition to convince American Girl to make the kits:

”I feel so different now and my whole life has been turned around. I want to have diabetic accessories for my American Girl doll so she is just like me. I just want everyone to feel good about themselves no matter if they have something ”˜wrong with them.’ Whether they have a disability, blindness, deaf, diabetes, and so much more! It’s important to feel good about yourself!”

American Girl does a pretty good job of making accessories for the dolls. There are hearing aids, wheelchairs,

The new diabetic care kit from American Girl will be released at the start of 2016 and it includes an insulin pump, glucose meter, lancing device, insulin pen, glucose tablets, a medical alert bracelet, a diabetes log book, and a bag. It costs $24 and is sold independently, so it can go with any doll.

This is very exciting news for a lot of kids. Their dolls can have insulin pumps just like the ones they have, and their dolls will have log books to maintain, which can help them learn about diligently maintaining their own. And above all, it will help them see that diabetes is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of, and that’s fantastic.

(Photo: Facebook/Diabetic American Girl)

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