Determined Mom Remains Upside Down For 75 Days — In Labor — To Give Preemies A Shot At Life

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laborIn what appears to be a new documented trend of superhero mothers remaining in uncomfortable positions to save their unborn babies, a Polish mommy successfully saved two out of three. Joanna Krzysztonek began to go into labor with her triplets, and after one was born prematurely and died, she was determined to save the others. Even if it meant staying in labor for 75 days — nearly upside down.

The mother now says that she wasn’t “bothered” by remaining in the awkward position for two and a half months if it meant her other two babies could survive. Doctors were able to ease her contractions following the birth of the first babe who passed away, but Joanna was just thrilled that the other two had even a shot at life:

“I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully.”

With that upside down position and medical assistance, Joanna’s two babies remained inside her for 32 weeks. And in mid-February, she welcomed a baby girl named Iga and boy named Ignacy. The twins are currently in incubators and are expected to survive. Reuters reports that Joanna had some problems regaining her balance following the ordeal. Nevertheless, she visits her infants every day. But after being nearly upside down for 75 days, I can’t imagine why this incredible mother wouldn’t.

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