Designer Shamed for Creating the World’s Ugliest Prom Dress Fires Back at Clients

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In early June a teenage girl showed up at home with a prom dress so ugly it beggared all belief. It was messy and see-through and poorly sewn. The mother was so shocked by the awful dress that she posted a photo to Facebook and said her teenager was devastated and her prom was ruined by the horrible dress that had been sprung on her at the last minute.

It’s a terrible dress, and the photos were shared more than 4,000 times by people who just couldn’t believe that any designer or dressmaker could sell a person a dress like that. Now the designer responsible for the dress has stepped up to defend herself in an interview with Yahoo! Style, and she and the teenager’s mother have decided to take their conflict all the way to The People’s Court.

Man, that’s going to be one hell of an episode.

Malexa Mayweather’s mother said her daughter had not seen the dress until the day before prom, and that her daughter was in tears when she saw it. But designer Kia Wagner says Malexa had four fittings had and seen the dress in progress.

“My daughter was devastated and crying when she saw this dress,” Malexa’s mother told Yahoo! Style at the time. “For a $100 deposit, Kia told my daughter that she would make her something nice with material she already owned and that she wanted to ‘play around with the design.’ Malexa didn’t know anything about what the dress would look like.”

Wagner, however, says she won’t be returning Malexa’s $100 deposit because she had to drive four hours to New York to buy the fabric for the dress. That goes against the story that she would use fabric she already owned. But also Wagner says Malexa should pay her the $200 she owes for the dress, because she should have known what the dress would look like and she never said anything was wrong until the final fitting.

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She’s right that Malexa should have said something if she thought something was wrong, but it seems like Wagner should have known something was wrong when she looked at the dress she was making. The dress in the photo is pretty horrible from both a design and construction standpoint, and Wagner is supposed to be the professional dressmaker.

Wagner said that she told Malexa her idea was a “sheer dress covered in fluff,” and that Malexa said it sounded cute. True, that could be cute, but only if executed very, very well, which Wagner’s dress was not. Wagner may have had something cute in her vision, but she does not seem to have had the skills to make that vision into reality, and Malexa may not have realized that until the last fitting.

“I kept asking her, ‘Do you like this?’ Would your mom let you wear it to prom?’” Wagner told Yahoo! Style. “She said, ‘I don’t care — my mom isn’t the one wearing it.’”

That certainly sounds like something a teenager buying a too-sexy dress that she knows her mom wouldn’t approve of would say.

Wagner says the photos Malexa’s mother shared were taken during their final fitting the day before the prom.  She says Malexa sent the photos to a relative, and “After that, she suddenly didn’t like the dress.”

If she sent the photo to someone else and that person said, “Holy shit, what the hell kind of mess are you wearing?” She might have second thoughts about the dress, especially if she didn’t know anything about dressmaking and had gone through multiple fittings thinking, “Well, this is just a fitting. At some point it will look cute, right?”

Wagner says she offered to fix the dress or make her a new one, but that Malexa said she’d go home and think about it and that she never heard from Malexa again, until Malexa’s mother’s post started showing up all over social media.

Now Malexa’s mother is suing Wagner on The People’s Court to get her $100 deposit back. Wagner is counter-suing for pain and suffering. That sounds like it’s going to be some amazing television, especially since they’ll probably have to bring out the dress as evidence and we’ll all get to see it in action.

Wagner says she’s going to sell the dress on eBay, because it’s such a viral sensation she thinks someone will pay money just for the novelty of it. We live in a world in which someone has a Left Shark tattoo, so she’s probably right about that.

(Image: Facebook / Sham Sincere Lewis)