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10 Thoughts You Will Have While Staring At This Photo Of Derick And Jill Duggar-Dillard Dressed As Joseph And Mary‏

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6. “Is Jill using that sheet during her labor and delivery?”

dancing wiig


It just seems right.

7. “Does this mean they will have a donkey present for the birth?”

wiig excited


I see them as going for authenticity.

8. “Did Joseph also own a draw-string hoodie?”

flouncy wiig


Derick should have tried harder with his Joseph cosplaying.

9. “Are the Duggars trolling us?”

wiig whatever


I mean, really. They must know people are going to roll their eyes all the way into the backs of their heads.

10. “Will they continue the J name trend and call Baby Dilly “Jesus”?”

ridicluos dancing wiig


I feel like they are trying to tell us something. We can only hope.

(Feature Image: Jill Duggar-Dillard’s Instagram)

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