The Real Downside Of Demi Moore’s Divorce: Her Kids Watch Her Get Devoured By Sexist Media

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Demi Moore screening of "five"Demi Moore is ending her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher, and no matter who allegedly cheated on whom or who broke whatever arrangement, one component sucks no matter which you turn it. Her three kids have to watch their mother get utterly brutalized by the press.

In the wake of this divorce, celebrated actress Demi is getting torn a part out there for everything from her aging looks to her rumored bisexuality and for of course reversing the age-old wisdom that only men should be allowed to date younger. And for countering sexist societal rules that call older women “cougars” while men who engage the same behavior as still allowed to be — well– men, tabloids everywhere are rejoicing that this still-relevant-despite-turning-40 actress has a marriage that eventually unraveled.

The headlines that are coming out of this divorce must be a real lesson in sexist media for Demi’s three daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. As despite their mother’s renowned career and notable acting chops, in the narrative of this trouble marriage she has been reduced to a harping mother chasing after her child-husband. Although this is a actress who has garnered professional esteem for years, her marriage concluding to a much younger man gives reporters license to strip her to nothing but her “shriveling figure”:

Also not surprising: that a 33-year-old man in perhaps the prime of his career would cheat on a woman nearing 50 whose body of work has shriveled with her own figure.

Other gems read that Demi Moore is bisexual, and so of course that had to have been a problem in their union. Because someone who is attracted to people of both genders is clearly an insatiable sex fiend who can never be satisfied by anyone — a terrible stereotype that continues to get perpetuated in the press furthering the perception of LGBTQ people as a bunch of promiscuous heathens. Other outlets claim that the two threw in the towel because of their open marriage that eventually went awry, suggesting that couples who try alternative arrangements to accommodate the unique needs of their partnership are doomed in matrimony.

The statements from Demi and Ashton are both so vague that it’s unclear what exactly was the straw that broke the wedded camel’s back. But considering all the blatantly sexist attacks on Demi for daring to marry a younger man, I’m certain her kids are witnessing firsthand how much the media dislikes women in the public eye who deviate from being blonde, 20, and married to someone their own age.

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