Delhi Gang Rape Bus Driver Found Dead In Suspected Suicide – Robbing The World Of Watching Him Hang

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shutterstock_73685302Yeah yeah I know I’m not supposed to be pleased about the fact that Ram Singh was found dead in his prison cell, but whatever, I’m happy about it. I do sort of wish that monster had been hung in public because I think that the victim’s family and friends, and all of the protesters who have rallied in her honor deserved to have had the sort of barbaric closure a public hanging would bring, but he’s dead and that’s a good thing. The 34-year old bus driver and alleged ring leader of the brutal attack that resulted in the death of Jyoti Singh Pandey was discovered dead in his cell, hung with his own clothing and bedsheets. But some people are disputing the idea that Singh killed himself, and according to The Daily Mail:

His lawyer VK Anand said: ‘There were no circumstances which could have led to Ram Singh committing suicide. There was no mental stress. He was very happy.’


And from the Guardian:

Singh’s lawyer said he had been murdered in prison, possibly by the police. “What do you mean killed himself? He has been killed in prison,” said defence counsel AP Singh. Lawyers for the accused have claimed that their clients have been repeatedly attacked by other inmates in prison and were tortured by police.

During the investigation it has been stated that Ram Singh was a volatile man who showed little remorse over the horrific rape and subsequent death of Pandey.He refused to participate in the identification process. It has been stated that he instigated the majority of the brutality after Pandey bit his hand during the rape, and he was the one who decided to strip her of all of her clothing and identification and dump her off the bus. He also tried to run her over with the bus before Pandey’s friend pulled her off the side of the road.  He was known in the slum where he lived as being a womanizer, an alcoholic, and for having a very violent temper. From the Guardian:

“He knew he was going to die anyway because we had and still have such a strong case against him,” the murdered woman’s 20-year-old brother told the Reuters news agency.

“I’m not very thrilled with the news that he killed himself because I wanted him to be hanged … publicly. Him dying on his own terms seems unfair. But, oh well, one is down. Hopefully the rest will wait for their death sentence.”

There was another hearing in the trial scheduled for today, and the four surviving defendants were produced in court, they left after a short time because their lawyers were not there as there was an attorney’s strike.

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