A Definitive Ranking Of La Croix Flavors

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Image: Instagram/@lacroix

Described on the LaCroix website as “the French translation for the word grapefruit,” the Pamplemousse flavor is meant to display a “show of humor from this all-American brand,” whatever that means, but essentially, allow me to break it down for you: it’s not very delicious. Maybe grapefruit is supposed to be more sophisticated or something, or maybe it’s the secret to what French women eat to stay so skinny all the time, but either way, I’m not buying it as a flavor that will rank high in my book. It just reminds me of the sad diet that my mom and I went on in the late 90’s where we all supposed to only eat grapefruit for breakfast and all I managed to do was squirt myself with burning grapefruit juice in my eyeball. Good memories.

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