A Definitive Ranking Of La Croix Flavors

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Image: Instagram/@lacroix

Tangerine is a bit of an elusive flavor in some markets of the U.S., which is why I ranked it a little higher in my list. I once heard a podcast host rave about the Tangerine flavor and how good it was and how she could never find it anywhere in her home state of Michigan, and I admit that I was intrigued, although skeptical. In my mind, Tangerine flavors evoked memories of Tang drinks gulped warm by the pool as a kid in the Midest, not something I would willingly pay for as an adult woman (especially at LaCroix prices.) But when I finally got my hands on the Tangerine flavor, I admit it totally worked. It’s light and airy and thankfully, doesn’t taste like Tang at all.

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