18 Facts You Might Not Know About Dee Dee And Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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According to her mom, Gypsy Rose Blanchard suffered from several very serious diseases.

Image: Instagram/@spooky._.tales

The sleep apnea when Gypsy was an infant was just the beginning. Dee Dee had everyone convinced, including Gypsy, that she was suffering from many life-threatening and debilitating illnesses. She said Gypsy had leukemia, muscular dystrophy, asthma, vision and hearing impairments, epilepsy, developmental disabilities, and partial paralysis. To keep up appearances, Dee Dee kept her daughter confined to a wheelchair, shaved her head, and made her wear almost comically large glasses. People who interacted with Gypsy when she was younger recall her being very friendly and talkative, but remember that she spoke with a very high, childlike voice and seemed much younger than she actually was. Dee Dee told people Gypsy was 4-6 years younger than her age.

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