18 Facts You Might Not Know About Dee Dee And Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard stopped going to school, possibly as early as after kindergarten.

Image: Instagram/@cienciasjuridicas_

There seems to be some inconsistency in regards to when exactly Gypsy stopped attending traditional public school. Some reports say she stopped after kindergarten, while some say she stopped after kindergarten. This could be because Dee Dee lied about Gypsy’s age to make her seem younger than she actually was. Either way, Dee Dee started homeschooling Gypsy very early on. She claimed attending school was impossible because of Gypsy’s many disabilities and illnesses. But Dee Dee didn’t actually spent much time on the school part of homeschooling. Gypsy says she taught herself to read using Harry Potter books.

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