18 Facts You Might Not Know About Dee Dee And Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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Despite Dee Dee keeping her daughter under close supervision, Gypsy Rose managed to meet a man on the internet.

Image: Instagram/@documenteers

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was only allowed to access the internet under Dee Dee’s supervision. But somehow, she managed to create a secret Facebook account under the name Emma Rose, which she would use to send messages to friends and ask for advice about dating and kissing. She also spent time on a Christian dating site, which is where she met Nicholas Godejohn. The pair fell hard and fast. In one message Gypsy wrote, “I need to tell you something. I’m no model…I have a medical condition..so I can’t walk, I have a chair I use…is that a issue?” Nick responded, “why would that be a problem u are an angel in my eyes…it will never make any difference in how I see u from the inside out.”

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