Dear Tabloids, The Fake Pregnancy Announcements Need To Stop!

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Fake Pregnancy Jennifer AnistonIn Touch proudly proclaims that Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell, who gave her first daughter up for adoption, is pregnant again! “This Time We’re Keeping Our Baby!” reads the headline. Papa don’t preach. Except, Catelynn Lowell isn’t pregnant.

“Miley – The Next Teen Mom?” asks Star, who at least bothered to frame it as question. They claim that the newly engaged Miley Cyrus is really just trying to rush to alter before she pops out a cousin for India Rose. Their source claims that the teen is “complaining of exhaustion, mood swings and nausea,” which no one has ever experienced outside of pregnancy. As Cyrus’s own mother confirms, Miley is not prengnat.

And when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, let’s not even count the number of times she’s had to deal with false pregnancy announcements. I think a picture is worth a thousand words here.

I think it’s time for tabloids to be called out on their increasingly frequent fake pregnancy announcements. This trend has gotten completely out of hand.

And the truth is, there are plenty of celebrity pregnancies out there to keep up our “Uterus Curiosity Quotient.” Throw a rock in LA and you will find an actress or reality television personality who would be happy to discuss their pregnancy cravings, their sex life since conception or their plans for the nursery. We have enough celebrity mom and baby gossip to fill separate “Celeb Offspring” media outlets. We are not lacking for pregnancies to discuss.

So why do we continue to support magazines that make-up pregnancies to sell issues? And make no mistake, every time you grab a tabloid on your way out of the grocery store, you’re supporting them. Why aren’t more people calling these companies out on their blatant deception?

I know, tabloids are known for being inaccurate. Believing a story you read in OK or Star is the equivalent of thinking that there’s a roadrunner and a coyote chasing each other around the desert with an endless supply of dynamite and anvils. I don’t think that their reputation should protect them from criticism about their dishonesty though.

Think about your own pregnancy announcement. Hopefully it was special and joyous and contained a lot of love from your family and friends. Now think about the way that this simply moment of joy is stolen from all of these women. Even if these ladies were pregnant and simply not sharing the news right away, it’s their news to share. They should get the right to make the announcement in the way that fits them. And as a woman who has suffered a miscarriage after announcing my pregnancy to my friends, family and co-workers, I completely understand why every couple should get to share that information in their own time.

Tabloids and their outright lies are pretty egregious. It may seem silly to pick on just pregnancies. But we have to start somewhere! And a growing fetus is something that’s normally pretty easy to prove correct or incorrect over time. As a society and a culture, we should stand up to the rags and let them know that drama-filled pregnancy scandals splashes across headlines will no longer be tolerated. The age-old “Baby Bump?” with a circle and an arrow needs to be finally put to rest. When it comes to celebrity pregnancy, we’re done with the fake rumors.