Mommyish Resolutions: 10 Irrational Parenting Fears To Get Over In 2015

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There are so many things to be afraid of as a parent. When even the soft, stylish crib bumper is a potential death threat, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild and decide you never want to let your child out of your sight, especially if you are an anxious person to begin with. But in the spirit of self growth, and because ’tis the season for New Year Resolutions, here’s 10 irrational parenting fears you should look in the eye during 2015.

1. Choking.

The thought of standing by helplessly while a child chokes to death terrifies me. But since you don’t want to stick your baby’s first slice of birthday cake in a blender or feed him pre-chewed food like a bird or Alicia Silverstone, you’ve got to get over this one. Limit distractions during mealtimes and take a child CPR class so you’re prepared in case the unthinkable happens.

2. Getting crushed to death.

When my toddlers transitioned out of their cribs and into beds I lost so much sleep worried that they were going to pull their dresser onto themselves. Securing large furniture to the walls with straps is a great way to help combat this fear. So is moving the dresser into the closet.

3. Drowning.

We’ve all heard the saying that a baby can drown in a teaspoon of water. Sounds terrifying, but still, babies get smelly and need to be bathed. Make sure your toilets are childproofed, invest in an infant tub or grippy mat for the shower stall floor and if you have or live near a pool, be sure it is fully gated and locked. I will also be holding off on screening The Little Mermaid until after my kids have swimming lessons, just in case they get any grand ideas about wanting to talk to fish before they learn to hold their breathe.

4. Suffocation.

 I would have gladly kept my kids in wearable blankets until they were old enough to drive, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, they don’t make them that large. Remind yourself that if they are strong enough to roll over in their sleep, they are able to breathe, and then try to wean off the habit of checking on them in the middle of the night, so you don’t end up like that creepy mom with the ladder in I’ll Love You Forever.

5. Electrocution.

Despite movies like Powder, which give the impression that being electrocuted can give you awesome superhuman powers, the thought of a kid sticking something metal into an electrical socket gives me the shakes. Snug outlet covers can help quiet the worries in your mind, and if you are super neurotic (raises hand) you can switch to plastic utensils until your child fully understands the word “No”. Less clean up, perfectly normal-but-breathing children- it’s a win-win.

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