Another Daycare Worker Instagrams Her Abusive Stupidity

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shutterstock_104403209__1382789068_142.196.156.251I don’t know if I am more disturbed that daycare workers are treating children horribly or that they are too stupid to realize they should keep the images of their abuse off Instagram. I’m obviously more disturbed by the former but the latter is pretty shocking.

A 24-year-old Missouri daycare center assistant tied a 2-year-old child to a cot when she refused to nap. The toddler was tied to the cot by a blanket that was wrapped around her waist. She was then photographed, and the photo was posted to Instagram with this caption:

“This is what happens when you piss me off during nap time! Get tied to your cot!”

The assistant was working together with a teacher, who said she knew about the toddler being tied to the cot, but wasn’t aware an image was taken and posted to social media. The teacher also said the toddler has a history of being resistant to napping, that she easily got out of the restraint, and that she was giggling about it. The assistant claims the blanket was not tight, and the child got out of it in about two minutes.

The assistant was fired and the teacher who was there with her when the incident happened was “placed under improvement status.” The mom is suing the center – I’m not quite sure what that is going to accomplish. The center is still running but the state issued a “corrective action plan” which involves additional staff training and “specifically targeting how to handle children’s difficult behaviors as appropriate discipline.”

This disturbs me for many obvious reasons – the most prominent one is Don’t f-ing restrain my toddler. As someone who is totally claustrophobic because of a neighborhood bully who had a penchant for holding girls down – I think restraining a child at a young age can be really traumatic and damaging – no matter how they react at the time. Also – don’t take images of my child and post them to your social media accounts. I realize daycare center assistants don’t get paid a lot, but I don’t think that is too much to ask.

(photo: Stuart Miles/ Shutterstock)