Heroic Daycare Worker Assaulted in Line of Duty for Protecting Her Charges From a Drunk, Violent Father

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6328720_1444749422.9416(Photo: GoFundMe)

Montana daycare owner Martha McClure deserves a damn medal this week, or at least a heck of a lot more money, because she braved assault and battery to protect the kids in her care from being taken away by their drunk, violent father.

According to the Associated Press, McClure owns Martha’s Mini Daycare in Montana. Among the kids in her care are three children under 4 whose father, Francis Joseph Jackson, had lost custody and was not allowed to have any contact with them. Child Protective Services has legal custody of all three children. McClure knew that, so she knew there was trouble when Jackson showed up at her daycare, allegedly drunk and accompanied by an unfamiliar woman.

McClure told Jackson that she could not let him take the children, and he threatened her in front of all the kids. McClure luckily managed to get all the children into the daycare center and lock the door so Jackson could not come in. But Jackson reportedly started throwing things–including a tricycle–at the window in an attempt to break in.

To protect the kids and keep Jackson at bay, McClure went out and confronted him. While they argued, Jackson’s companion suddenly hit McClure full in the face with a snow shovel. Jackson reportedly punched McClure and knocked her down, and then both Jackson and the woman ran away without the kids.

McClure’s injuries look horrible. She has two enormous black eyes, and her whole face is swollen and purple. She had to be hospitalized and underwent eye surgery to try to repair the damage, and while she is still reportedly experiencing double vision, her sister says she’s in good spirits and eager to get back to work.

Jackson was arrested, and police are looking for his accomplice.

One does not normally expect a daycare worker like McClure to face physical assault in her line of work, but daycare workers protect our smallest and most vulnerable people. She was very brave, and she deserves a medal for the heroic way she defended those children.

McClure’s stepdaughter started a GoFundMe page to raise money for McClure’s medical expenses and lost income while she is recovering.