The First Rule Of Daycare Fight Club Is Don’t Start A Daycare Fight Club

giphy (22)Just moments after a new child was brought into the group at a daycare near my house, a very slightly older child walked over, took a long look at her, and then shoved her down. The new child did not mind at all and now they are best friends, but the moment it happened, all the adults in the vicinity were instantly on the scene telling the 2-year-old that it wasn’t OK to shove people and she was not to do that again. That seems to be the normal adult response to small children fighting, but it is apparently not universal, because some employees at a daycare in New Jersey were caught this week encouraging the children in their care to fight for their amusement.

According to NBC News, Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, were two employees at the Lightbridge Academy in New Jersey when they allegedly started a massive toddler brawl and filmed everything for Snapchat.

Prosecutors say one of the videos Kenny recorded appears to show at least a dozen children between the ages of four and six throwing each other to the ground and attempting to punch and kick each other. It’s sickening. The first concern of daycare is supposed to be children’s safety. Kenny and White were supposed to be caring for these children, and instead they encouraged them to attack and be attacked by their peers.

Kenny and White allegedly knew what they were doing, too. Prosecutors say a voice on the video was heard making Fight Club jokes, and the voice reportedly sounds like Kenny’s.

“We are completely appalled. As a mom, I know those feelings,” said the academy’s vice president of operations,¬†Jaclyn Falzarano. White and Kenny have both been fired, obviously, and they’ve both been issued summonses for fourth-degree child abuse. Kenny also faces charges of child endangerment.

The most shocking thing about this is that more than one person in the world thinks small child Fight Club is a good idea, because this is not even the first time this has happened at a daycare. The daycare says it is going to re-train its remaining staff and be more stringent about its screening practices when hiring in the future. I do not know how you could even begin to screen for this madness. Do you give everyone a personality test with just one question? I suspect the daycare will be having all prospective employees answer the following very difficult personality test:

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Luckily none of the children was seriously injured. My faith in humanity, however, is permanently damaged by the knowledge that there are more than two people in the world who think the phrase “Daycare Fight Club” is a good idea.

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