Day Care Bans Three-Year-Old For Cursing, Parents Everywhere Are Sh**ting Themselves

shutterstock_135111242__1396542352_142.196.167.223A three-year-old at Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio was expelled from her day care for saying a curse word. As a parent who has a child who soaks up all things inappropriate like a sponge, this makes me very nervous.

The little girl said, “shit.” When her mother asked her what she said, she said “animal.”

The little girl’s mother, Cassandra Wright, told her local news station she doesn’t use that word at home and isn’t quite sure where she got it. Before I had kids, I may have rolled my eyes at this statement. Now, I totally get it. I’m already having trouble with my three-year-old saying “shut up” – and he’s said a few curse words before. Thankfully the curse words haven’t stuck. But I understand the whole “I don’t know where she got it” argument, I really do.

You have to be aware all of the time, and it’s something I am not used to. I’m sort of starting to understand why parents get all up-in-arms about cursing on TV or on the radio. This morning I was driving to pick up my mother and that Jay-Z/Beyonce song “Drunk in Love” came on. Jay Z was swearing up a storm and the radio wasn’t even trying to bleep it out. Or, they were, but the new way they bleep things is really weird. They sort of start doing it for a second, then stop and you totally hear the word anyway. I was on autopilot when I realized what was going on – and I quickly changed it. Do I have to be the person that listens to kid cd’s in the car? I don’t want to be that person.

The director of the center told the local news station that there is a policy in place that if “it’s not in the best interest to have a child at the center any longer they can dismiss them.” She also said the little girl laughed after saying the curse word, so she might say it again.

Good grief. My son is starting preschool next week. I don’t need this stress.

(photo: spirit of america/ Shutterstock)

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