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David Bowie’s Son Announces Upcoming Baby with Bittersweet Twitter Drawing

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david-bowie-grandfather(Via Twitter)

David Bowie passed away a month ago today, and the world is not yet over it. But while we might all be sad about the loss of a truly remarkable talent, it’s even worse for his family, especially because it turns out his son is expecting his first child.

Film director Duncan Jones–occasionally known as Zowie Bowie–shared a photo of a cartoon he’d made for his father at Christmas. It shows a little cartoon fetus and umbilical cord, and the fetus is all, “I’m waiting.”

This must be an extremely tough time for Jones. Becoming a parent is world-changing enough without adding the loss of a parent on top of that. Going though both at the same time must be very difficult. Jones’ baby is Bowie’s first grandchild, and while it’s great that Jones was able to share the news about the impending infant before Bowie passed, it’s really a shame that Bowie never got to see the baby.

Wouldn’t David Bowie have been the most amazing grandfather? I bet he would have been all weird and funny, but also extremely warm and doting. If David Bowie were your grandfather, I imagine your entire childhood would be just like the “Dance, Magic, Dance” number from Labyrinth.

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That’d be the life.