Rich Or Not, No 10-Year-Old Needs A Diamond Ring For Christmas

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Take a second to think about the most extravagant Christmas gift you received as a child. Maybe you recall getting a Barbie dream house or one of those Power Wheels cars that let you drive around that backyard. As awesome as your best gift as a child ever was, it’s probably a safe bet that your stocking didn’t contain an $11,000 diamond ring- unless your dad is David Arquette. reports that Arquette recently purchased a $11,500 ring from Yvel for his ten-year-old daughter Coco. Now I know that Arquette is a highly successful actor, and that celebrities routinely buy extravagant gifts for their children. I get that cost is relative to income and that Blue Ivy was probably wearing couture at an age where she couldn’t even say the word “fashion”. Beyond her typical celebrity child name-that’s-not-really-a-name, I don’t know a thing about Arquette’s daughter, which I see as a sign that her parents are taking care to raise her outside the glow of Hollywood. She could be a dream child, one who always eats her veggies, never talks back, volunteers on weekends. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care how rich and famous you are or how great your kid is, no ten-year-old needs a diamond ring that cost more than my annual grocery bill.

There are so many other things you could get to spoil your child without coming close to hitting that price point. Even if you bought a historical American Girl doll and her entire accessory line, I don’t think you’d hit $11,500 (though you might come close) and while I would still think that is an outrageously extravagant gift that even as an adult I am jealous of, at least it would be appropriate for a ten-year-old girl.

I will even concede that there may be a special reason you want to memorialize a holiday for a child with something expensive and sparkly, but even if that is the case, a ring has got to be the worst possible choice. She’s only ten years old, so her fingers are no where near full grown yet. So either you buy it big hoping she will grow into it and that it won’t accidentally slide off her finger in the meantime, or you have it sized for her now and hope that you can get it sized up later. I’ve had rings resized, and in my experience it is much harder to size up than down. If it had to be jewelry, why not a necklace, bracelet or earrings? Something that she truly could wear for a lifetime, assuming she takes care of it.

Price point aside, let’s talk about the ring itself. Here is the bauble in question:

While it looks like a series of easily lost separate bands, the underside is soldered together so it is actually one piece. I keep debating in my head what’s the better option for a child- a set of multiple bands that she can lose over time or one single piece of super expensive jewelry that she can lose in one shot. Personally, I don’t care for the design or black diamonds at all. I think they are an odd pick for a little girl. If you’re going to do colored stones, a lighter color like yellow or blue seems more fun and age appropriate, but maybe this has special meaning for them.

Maybe I’m just jealous that this tween will have a play ring more expensive than my entire bridal set, but I really think this is over the top. Clear out the entire stock of FAO stuffed animals, get her a car when she turns 16, but an ugly diamond ring for $11,500 is a ridiculous Christmas gift for a ten year old.