Woman With Two Moms Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage For All The Wrong Reasons

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According to Yahoo Parenting, Barwick has recently written for the conservative publication World and has signed a letter supporting Dolce & Gabbana after their statements condemning IVF this past weekend. Conservatives are surely knocking down Barwick’s door right now to shake her hand, or at the very least sending her gigantic fruit baskets. But while Barkwick is entitled to her feelings, the idea that by denying same sex couples equal rights children would be better off is wrong.

Even if Barwick’s wish came true and gay marriage were made illegal in the United States (in which case, I am so moving to Canada), her underlying concerns about children being raised by same sex couples remain. The right for same sex couples to cohabitate and have privacy in regard to their sexual acts has existed since Lawrence vs.Texas was decided in 2005. While the ability of same sex couples to adopt together varies state to state, same sex couples (and plenty of hetrosexual couples) still can and do raise children outside of a marriage.

Unless you are going to simultaneously make it a legal obligation that all heterosexual couples who have a child must also get married, remain happy, be invested, loving parents and never divorce, denying same sex couples the right to get married doesn’t address Barwick’s concerns about preserving biological relationships. Here’s hoping next time Barwick shares her thoughts with a therapist instead of spreading more hate in the world. Or better yet, maybe she should reach out to her dad.

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