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Men Are Lining Up To Pay This ‘Dating Coach’ To Teach Them How To Assault Women

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Julien Blanc is a self-described dating coach who has somehow managed to convince men to pay him money to teach them how to “pick up” women. Only his version of picking up women looks a lot like assault. Because it is. In his seminars, he repeatedly tells men to be aggressive, grab women by the throat, and push women into their crotches. That’s battery, not dating advice. Thankfully, venues are starting to take notice and drop his “seminars.”


He had planned to use Melbourne’s Como Hotel to host one of these horrifying events. A spokeswoman told the Herald Sun that, when the booking was made, hotel staff were not aware of Blanc’s “background”. They realized that housing a seminar that basically teaches sexual abuse tactics was not a good idea and cancelled.

Somehow this guy has managed to make a career out of traveling the world and giving men the worst “dating advice” I have ever heard. He is actually dangerous, and should be treated as such.

He thinks manipulation is the key to capturing a woman’s heart, which he explains can be done by passive and aggressive motions – a concept he likes to call “pressure on, pressure off.” He instructs men to lash out and grab women by the throat, but pull back before they get too freaked out. This piece of human garbage actually started a hashtag, #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld, that he uses to show himself physically assaulting women. Not only is he an abusive misogynist – I don’t think I’ve ever heard such incredibly stupid advice. Here’s a bit that he tells men to “write down.” He suggests men launch this barrage of questions at women — in rapid fire succession — when they first meet. Also, picture someone saying “Hey!” and pointing at you in the face while hurling these questions at you, because that’s what he recommends you do:

1. “Hey, I’m …”

2. “Are you from …?”

3. “What’s your name?”

4. “What do you do?”

5. “Who are you here with?”

This is it? This is your stellar advice? Launch a bunch of questions at woman’s face then grab her by the throat? Is this what the MRAs consider “dating” now?  I went down the rabbit hole of these RSD, or Real Social Dynamics videos, and it is disturbing. Do you want to know one thing we are definitely not lacking in this country? Violence and aggression towards women. Whoever is paying this scrawny little man for dating advice is beyond help.

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