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16 Pieces Of Dating Advice For Daughters

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Dating advice for daughters should include a lesson on looking beyond the pretty outside.

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For this one, you should totally just rewatch Shrek! For an animated kids movies, it sure imparts a lot of wisdom (don’t they all?). Sure, sure, we raise our kids to not judge a book by its cover. But it can be hard not to be swayed by a pretty face or a nice body when you’re just dating around. The thing is, the wrapping paper is only part of the whole package. Imagine opening a gift in Christmas that was wrapped beautifully, but had an empty box inside. It would be disappointing, right? We need to make sure our daughters know that a person’s character is far more important than their physical appearance. This is not to say that good-looking people can’t be GOOD people, or that conventionally unattractive people can’t be assholes. But take the time to find out before writing them off.

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