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16 Pieces Of Dating Advice For Daughters

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Make sure she knows that she is perfect just the way she is, and if someone wants her to change something about herself, they are not the person for her.

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It’s going to happen at some point. She’ll meet someone, and things will be going great, and then little by little, they may start to chip away at her identity. Want her to dress differently. Change her physical appearance. Maybe they’ll ask her to stop seeing certain friends, stop going out, or change jobs. This is a big red flag, and we need to make sure our daughters can spot it. It’s one thing for someone to ask them to stop, say, eating oranges in bed. But when they ask them to change who they are as a person? Not OK. Likewise, dating advice for daughters should include some warnings about their own behavior, like never asking or expecting someone to change who they are to please them. If you have to change someone, they aren’t the person for you.

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