This 8-Year-Old Deserves A Standing Ovation For Convincing Disney Darth Vader Is For Girls

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darth-vader-don't-careIs Darth Vader for boys? No, Darth Vader is not for boys. Darth Vader is for any kid awesome enough to choose the dark side of the Force, like 8-year-old Izzy Cornthwaite, whose love of Darth Vader inspired her to take on the Disney Empire. And she won!

According to Yahoo Parenting, Izzy wanted a Darth Vader costume and lightsaber for her eighth birthday, because she is awesome. But when she and her mother went looking for one on the U.K. Disney store website, Izzy was crushed to see that Darth Vader was listed as being just a “boy’s costume,” which she thought meant she was not supposed to have it.

“Her face fell,” Izzy’s mother, Rebecca, said, describing how her daughter’s eyes “filled with tears and she said ‘I can’t have it, it says they’re only for boys.’”

Darth Vader would not take that kind of disappointment lying down (OK, he’d probably run off and kill 20 children, but let’s just pretend that doesn’t exist because it’s from Episode III) and neither would Izzy. Izzy wrote a letter to Disney explaining that she was very disappointed in them for only selling the Darth Vader costume for boys.

U.K. Disney got right back to Izzy a week later saying that she was right and that they would fix it.

“The description for this costume has now been amended as we understand that all our little Jedis enjoy Star Wars,” Disney responded.

The U.K. Disney website now classifies all the costumes, from Darth Vader outfits to Elsa T-shirts, as being “For Kids.”

“I want other children to be able to go into a shop and choose whichever toy they like,” says Izzy. “I don’t want them to feel embarrassed because they are a girl buying a ‘boys’ toy’ or a boy buying a ‘girls’ toy’. I like Lego and Star Wars, but I have to go to the boys section to look at them. I think this should change.”

I remember this being a problem even back when I was in school, though I was not quite so bold as Izzy. I adored Thundercats, but when I went to a sleepover with a Thundercats sleeping bag, the other kids made fun of me because Thundercats was for boys. But rather than correcting them or standing up for myself, I just felt embarrassed that I had not known that Thundercats was for boys. I refused to use the sleeping bag again, and from then on I kept Thundercats as a secret, guilty pleasure I did not talk about for years. I wish I’d been bolder, like Izzy.

Izzy got her Darth Vader costume, and with her long, blonde hair sticking out from under the helmet, she looks totally cool.