‘Cash Me Outside’ Danielle Bregoli Sentenced to Five Years Probation

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Well, seriously how about that? Headlines today shows that teens still don’t believe they aren’t above the law as Danielle Bregoli sentenced to five years probation makes the news rounds. The teen, made famous from her Dr. Phil troubled teen show for calling out the audience. She famously encouraged the audience to “cash her outside” escaped jail time. But her life is still going to be annoying for a while.

Danielle Bregoli sentenced

According to reports, Bregoli has been sentenced to five years probation in a Florida court and like any other 14-year-old girl, she looked grumpy and moody. The viral star pled guilty earlier to four criminal charges, including possession of marijuana and grand theft auto. These arrests came before she rose to fame.

The teen took her mom’s car and for anyone who watched her rise to fame on Dr. Phil you can definitely tell these two just don’t get along. The other charges have been dropped, for now, according to TMZ and she will be allowed to carry out her probation in California, where she lives with her mom, and not Florida where she was charged.

Also, no word on if these charges are going to impact the reality show the teen reportedly has in the works. But who wants to watch a hormonal teenager mope around her mom’s house? She’s not allowed to do anything fun for the next five years? Totally for the better though.

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Well, hopefully this helps her learn something and she can get out of the spotlight for a bit, right?

(Image: Screenshot / Dr. Phil)