10 Dangerous Places Your Toddler Loves To Hang Out

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6. Under The Bed



Trying to wedge a little kid out from under the bed without scraping their head on the metal frame is damn near impossible. Why do they love it so much?

7. Near Electrical Outlets



There is a reason this is one of the first things new parents child-proof. Trying to fit their tiny, evil-genius fingers in the plug holes is a favorite past-time of many a young child.

8. By A Fireplace



We live in a cold climate so we have the fireplace going often in the winter. We ended up getting a giant $80 gate that could fold all around the fireplace because it proved too enticing to our little kids.

9. Near The Road



Playing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk sounds like such fun but toddlers are drawn the the end of the driveway to see the vroom vrooms within about five minutes. And yes, I needed all of the Backstreet Boys to adequately convey this brand of terror.

10. On Top Of Dressers



Has anyone else gone into a quiet nursery wondering what was up only to find their little one had scaled to the top of their dresser somehow? No? Just me? Alright then.

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