Offering Sexual Favors Still Doesn’t Mean Rape Victim Daisy Coleman Deserved To Be Raped And Left For Dead

daisyI’m having a hard time finding any reason to think that raping and leaving a young girl for dead is okay. If you’re not familiar with the Daisy Coleman case, 14-year-old Daisy was raped by two high school students at a party. To add an even more disgusting element to the story, the rape was filmed, and Daisy was dumped on her front porch afterward in freezing temperatures, causing her to suffer frostbite.

The latest update to the Daisy Coleman case sheds more light on the story but still does not offer any semblance of an excuse for what happened or how she was treated. Recently released police files suggest that Daisy may have offered to swap sexual favors in exchange for alcohol with Matthew Barnett, who she accused of sexually assaulting her.

Matthew argues that the two had consensual sex, and Daisy began drinking heavily after:

The newly released material from the police also reveals that Daisy admitted texting Barnett ‘once a month’ and indicated to the star-football player that she would provide him with sexual favors if he gave her alcohol.

But there is other important information to consider:

While it is not disputed that Daisy drank at least five shots of vodka at Barnett’s house on January 8, what is important is when she drank them. Missouri law states that a 14-year-old girl cannot consent to sex if she is incapacitated.

Daisy asserts that she snuck out of the house with a friend and blacked out after drinking with Matthew. According to Daisy, she was then raped and dropped callously in her front yard in freezing temperatures.

While these new details are important to the case, Daisy is certainly not the first teenage girl to attempt to offer sexual favors for alcohol or suggest something similar via a text conversation. Daisy put herself in a vulnerable situation, but the events that followed were still unwarranted.

Following the incident, Daisy was bullied by peers on social media. These threats led to a suicide attempt by overdose that landed Daisy in the hospital. The Coleman family received multiple threats after that night””so much so that they were forced to move away from Maryville for their personal safety.

Yes, new details about the case have come out to provide insight into the other side of the story, but it is still important not to overlook the continual abuse Daisy received after her alleged sexual assault. Whether or not she texted to offer sexual favors, a young girl doesn’t deserve to be dumped and endangered while intoxicated and later threatened by her peers.

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