Dads on Facebook Are Piling Cheerios on Their Babies for the #CheerioChallenge, and It’s Mesmerizing

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cheerio-challengeHappy Father’s Day to those who celebrate it and Happy Sunday to those who don’t or who have conflicted feelings about it. A relatively quiet Sunday afternoon is a good time to  put up one’s feet and relax, and it’s been a long time since I saw anything as calming as the Cheerio Challenge going on over on Twitter right now.

Newborns are pretty sleepy creatures, and when they’re sleeping there isn’t much a person can do but sit under the baby and watch prestige TV dramas. Well, there’s one thing you could do. You could try to see how many Cheerios you can stack on the sleeping baby.

According to FoodBeast, this game started over on the Life of Dad parenting site, and it’s pretty awesome. It is exactly what it sounds like: Parents are stacking little towers of Cheerios on their babies and posting the pictures to Facebook under the #CheerioChallenge hashtag. Go ahead and check it out, you will be there all day.

I love this. Sleeping babies are cute, and the little stacks of Cheerios emphasize just how deeply asleep these babies are. It makes me yawn just looking at them.

Stacking Cheerios on a sleeping baby is harder than it looks! But as soon as the challenge started taking off, parents started offering each other advice on Facebook. Apparently the Multigrain Cheerios stack better than regular ones, but frosted Cheerios stack the best because they’re a bit sticky, especially if you lick them as you stack. (Life of Dad is going to need to appoint a referee to weigh in on whether or not that’s legal.)

I think the most impressive entry is the guy who managed to stack six Cheerios on a baby that was awake.

Now that one’s impressive.