I So Badly Want To Hate This ‘Daddy Date’ Video And I Can’t

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[youtube_iframe id=”GiOJuIPl8vE”]


I clicked on this link and I was all ready to fire up some rage and absolutely hate this because the beginning is so cheesy and you can totally tell you are being set up for a TWIST but then as soon as I saw the daughter I got all teary and turned to Jello and ugh. So how do you all feel about this? Because as much as I find the first date concept creepy with fathers and daughters and it sort of reminds me of that creepy purity ball thing I can’t help but think this little girl is so adorable that she totally saves what could have ended up being annoying and cheesy. The beginning of the video is a bit awkward with the dad talking about being “nervous” and the song is simpy as all get out, and I’m pretty sure this whole thing was produced by an insurance company that also does charity work all in the name of Jesus, but I don’t care, this little girl looks so excited to go on the swings that I need to reserve all of my snark for something else.

Even though my own husband has never done anything like this, he has had daddy/daughter and daddy/son dates and my kids always get so flipping excited about spending one on one time with the parent they see less of so it also reminds me of that.

That’s right, I have been easily swayed by a Jesus insurance company. Quick someone give me my snark back!

(Image: YouTube)