I Can’t Wait To See How Many Mommies Show Up To ‘Daddy And Me’ Classes

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daddy and me classes __1398513675_96.29.10.99Sexism is O-V-E-R!!! Not! But, I have to say, when I learned that there was a “Daddy and Me” soccer class for toddlers, you bet your butt I signed my son (and my fiancé) up.

“It says, ‘Daddy and Me,’ I told my fiancé, who moaned that he already had two older children in soccer. “But this is ‘Daddy and Me!’ I swear, I’ve never heard of such a thing! Usually, it’s always ‘Mommy and Me’ classes.”

My fiancé continued, “But you’ll come too, right?” Sigh. But, because we parent as a team, of course I said, “Are you fucking kidding me? It’s says, again, ‘Daddy and Me.’ It does not say ‘Mommy and Me.’ And since you have the penis, and your Holt’s Daddy, that means you get to take him every Saturday! Isn’t that awesome?”

Of course, I was fucking around with my fiancé. Of course, I’m going to watch my 22- month son play soccer, or pick a dandelion, or his nose for that matter, depending if my son actually decides he wants to kick the ball, or even worse, just pick up the ball and run with it across the field.

As an almost two-year old, let me just say, if Holt is on a soccer field, and a plane flies by, it’s fucking game over. For Holt, that is. He’s obsessed with planes and, I’d put money on the fact he’ll start chasing a plane in the air, as opposed to a soccer ball right in front of him.

Still, after all these “Mommy and Me” classes, it’s almost like the world has woken up from the longest nap in the world, now that we have “Daddy and me” classes.

Yeah, I tried “Mommy and Me Everything” with Rowan, when she was a baby.

There was Mommy and Me swimming (dropped out) and “Mommy and me” music (stayed!) to “Mommy and Me Yoga.” This ‘Mommy’ in “Mommy and Me” is done with “Mommy and Me” classes. It’s time for Daddy to pick up some of the load here.

So, thank heavens, some super genius came up with “Daddy and Me” SOMETHING! Here’s the problem I foresee with “Daddy and Me” classes. Mommies will still show up.

When it’s a “Mommy and Me” weekly outing, in my experience, moms are the only ones who show up with their kids, because the “Mommy and Me” classes are held on Thursdays at 10:15 and what dad is going to cut out from the office to see their kid swim, when “Mommy” has it handled?

I bet, “Daddy and Me” classes, will also have mommies there, because we’re their fucking MOTHERS. But Daddies don’t really seem to care all that much when you tell them you have a “Mommy and Me” swim class.

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