Why I Find Dadchelor Parties Really Freaking Annoying

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We get it Bro. You’re becoming a grown-up. You’re going to have a kid. But you don’t want to let go of your fun, party animal side. So why not combine your old life and new? Why not bridge the gap? Why not throw a dadchelor party?

Because they’re dumb. And obnoxious. And they probably mean that you aren’t really ready to be a grown-up just yet.

For those of you who aren’t up on this cool new trend, a dadchelor party, also known as a diaper kegger, is where a bunch of guys get together to drink beer in honor of the man who is about to become a first-time father. Normally, every attendant brings a box of diapers, and that’s the only thing about the party that actually has to do with upcoming baby.

Yes, women get their baby showers. They get to have cake and a small assortment of finger foods while they collectively say “Awwwww,” over baby clothes. I can understand why guys would be really jealous about missing out on all this excitement. But there is a big difference between a baby shower and a dadchelor party. (By the way, the PR person who came up with that term should be publicly flogged.) A baby shower’s focus is actually on the child that’s about to be born.

For all that some people complain about baby showers, and they do, this little get-together centers around the child. You get things to prepare for the little one. You talk about names and nurseries and get advice from other mothers about what to do during those tough first weeks.

The only thing that links a diaper kegger to fatherhood is a whole bunch of Huggies. These things are using the child as the excuse to throw a party, not the reason to celebrate.

If a dad really wants one last party before he has to get serious and responsible, then just throw a party. Honestly, there doesn’t need to be a theme. Just have your friends over and act like an idiot. You’ve never needed an excuse to do that in the past.

If we really want to bring the dad in on the celebrations surrounding the birth of their child, that’s fine too! Switch up your baby shower to include couples. Skip the games that no one likes and let the dads get involved in the whole process of baby preparation. Who says that showers just have to be a bunch of females sitting in a big circle anyways?

This whole dadchelor party business just seems like one more thing event planners came up with to make us all feel like we aren’t social enough. It’s like the gender-reveal parties that suddenly feel like a tradition, but they just started happening a couple years ago and they annoy absolutely everyone. These things are like Sweetest’s Day. They’re made up to sell more greeting cards. And we should really stop giving in to them.

Listen, I am not some pessimistic person who hates fun and excitement. I actually enjoy baby showers, and I’ve thrown my fair share of them. I like holidays. I’m a lawn decorator and a cake maker and the person not too ashamed to try to chug milk out of a baby bottle. But dadchelor parties just go too far.

There are better ways for dads to get involved in the pregnancy than having a keg of beer with their friends surrounded by some diapers. How about going to the doctors appointments dude? Why not help out with the nursery? And if a soon-to-be dad really wants to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child with friends and family, that’s cool! Have a nice dinner. Plan a little party. But don’t sell it as a diaper kegger, the baby party that spends as little time as possible actually talking or thinking about the baby.

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