Dad Who Killed 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Molester Did What Any Parent Would Do

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balance of justiceLast week we shared the very disturbing story of a Texas dad who beat a man to death after he walked in on him molesting his 4-year-old daughter. He called 911 afterwards and said he had not intended to kill the man, who died after being punched in the head repeatedly. It’s a gruesome scene, to be sure, though I wrote at the time that I don’t know of a single parent who wouldn’t have done the same.

Now a grand jury has refused to indict the father, which I will admit came as a great relief. Because I stand by my claim that this young father did what any one of us would have done in a similar situation. It’s an argument that the majority of Mommyish readers – 63% percent, to be exact – would make as well.

In a recent Mommyish poll, nearly one-third of you agreed with the sentiment, while 29% flat-out said the man should not be charged, period. Only 8% felt he had every intention of killing this man and should be charged with murder.

Some readers called this dad a hero, including Mr Tomas, who wrote, “Those fucking pedophiles deserve to die.” Many echoed his sentiments: “I do not think that it is sad at all that he killed this man. The man was a disgusting, sick monster and the planet is better off without him. I am only sad for that poor little girl and her family,” wrote Kimberly.

“As a sexual abuse survivor, I think he was in the right. I, of course, am rather biased, because no one was there to help me, but I think he was a hero,” shared another commenter named Gemma.

A minority of Mommyish readers said there’s no excuse for murder no matter what the circumstance. As Patricia put it, “A few punches would be understandable, but beating the man to death? That is incredibly violent. I understand what would set him off but it’s still a crime… There is defending your child and there is using extreme violence. The latter does not make a person a hero.”

Either way, this father has managed to walk away a free man – though that doesn’t change the fact that he will always live with the knowledge that he killed another man. Even worse, he will always have that horrific image of his little girl in his head.

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