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Best Dad Ever Walks 6 Miles In A Snowstorm To Comfort His Daughter

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In case you’re one of the lucky SOBs who live in a part of the world that isn’t a freeze-box right now, the East Coast here in the US has been extra frosty this winter. This is pretty much par for the course in the northern parts of the coast, but this year places as far south as Florida have seen snow-action, and down south they just don’t see this type of weather very often, and thus aren’t as prepared. This is what happened to 5-year-old Elizabeth Nilson Tuesday, when she became stranded at school due to road conditions. Her dad knew she would be scared and he decided to do something about it – he walked all six miles to bring his daughter and blanket and some comfort. Cue a collective AWWWW from the Mommyish community.

Elizabeth attends E. Rivers Elementary, in Atlanta Georgia. When the roads became too hazardous for buses and cars, it looked like she would have to spend the night at the school. Knowing that she had never spent a night aware from home, her dad Mark, sprang into action:

“I just knew Elizabeth would be a lot more comfortable with me there. I brought a blanket for her. I just wanted to put her to bed and leave her at ease.”

The bad conditions were caused not only by the weather itself, but also the lack of planning and awareness that school officials and area residents were dealing with (which makes perfect sense in an area that rarely sees this type of weather (the average snowfall for February there is 0.5 inches, compared to 25.1 in NYC). Due to this lack of planning Atlanta residents left work or school at the same time, hence massive delays.

About his trek, Nilson said:

“It has obviously been a unique experience. I took the main road – Peachtree Street – for a few miles. I passed buses spinning out, and a lot of cars having difficulty getting up the hills. People were not moving, there were a hundred cars just in place. People were putting groceries on the top of cars so their ice cream wouldn’t melt. It was a wild scene.”

Despite the scary situation, it sounds like the school had their shiz together. Nilson arrived to find a huge slumber party at the school. They played movies for the kids and served the kids pizza, popcorn and even breakfast the next day. According to Nilson”

“The teachers did a fantastic job. I slept with Elizabeth, wrapped her up in a blanket and made a pillow out of her coat.”

One again teachers save the day! Elizabeth and her school mates were able to return home the next day, thankfully. Still, I think Mark Nilson deserves a Dad-Of-The-Year award.
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