Dad Turns Son Into Police, Because That’s What You Do When Your Kid Breaks The Law

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shocked dad at computerA fifteen-year-old boy is facing charges after his dad turned him into the police. That’s right — his son broke the law, his father found out about it, and now he is making his son face the consequences of that behavior. What a novel freaking concept, huh? There are a lot of parents who would have difficulty turning in their kids for shoplifting, let alone for being a sexual predator, as this boy is.

The Grandview Heights, Ohio man (whose name is being withheld to protect the privacy of his younger children) was doing his kids’ laundry when he found a memory card in his oldest son’s clothes. He put the card in his computer and discovered photos and videos his son had of three different women in the neighborhood. The images were clearly taken from outside bedroom windows, and in some of them the women were naked.

The first thing this man did was confront his son (though I imagine that “confrontation” is a gentle way of describing what that conversation was like) who admitted to taking the photos and videos. The second thing he did was call the cops. In an interview with local station WBNS, he said that he “never considered not involving police” :

“He has to, I guess, face the consequences for his actions. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. I, as a parent, cannot do what’s wrong to try to cover up something my son did that was wrong. I have to do what’s right, regardless…I love my son unconditionally. But that love is not going to override the fact that he needs to pay for what he did.”

Can I get a freaking amen? You read so many stories about parents defending their kids no matter what it is they’ve done, or arguing that they shouldn’t be punished for their crimes. To read about a man who says he loves his son dearly, but has chosen to allow him to suffer the consequences of bad choices is refreshing. Too many parents let the fact that they love their children override their responsibilities as parents and members of a community. Can you imagine if this dad had destroyed the memory card and told his son, “Just don’t do it again”? Would that teach his son anything, a boy who clearly needs a firm intervention before his predatory activities escalate? Would that show any respect for the women in their neighborhood who have been victimized, or do anything to protect the women who haven’t been yet?

This is the kind of situation every parents prays they will never be in. No one wants their child to be the victim of a crime, but having a child who is the perpetrator has to be devastating as well. As the father said to WBNS:

“I’m ashamed. I feel like I have failed as a parent.”

Based on the way he responded here, I’d say he has done anything but.

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