This Dad Is Somehow Still Married After Pulling a Hilarious Head Shaving Prank

Facebook / Bobby Wesson

April Fool’s Day is (thankfully) over, and one man has emerged as the Prank King. Using text messages and Photoshop, Bobby Wesson managed to convince his wife, Rayena, that he’d shaved his and their toddler’s heads. Who tells their wife they shaved their toddler’s head? It’s a miracle she didn’t murder him.

It started innocently enough. Rayena, a trauma nurse at a hospital in Alabama, checked her phone on her break to see some messages from her husband. Bobby explained on Facebook, “Rayena doesn’t always get the chance to sit down and eat when she’s working, or sit down at all – but she did this night and I finally had the chance to pull the trigger on this prank.” At first he asked her if they could reschedule the family photos they were supposed to take. After buttering her up with compliments, Bobby finally showed her why they’d need to reschedule.



Reyna did…not take it well.


I have to say, he REALLY escalated things by blaming her for the head shaving. Wow.


The prank is already good at this point, right? Well, Bobby goes even further. After telling Rayena that their son was crying and upset, he announced there was only one way to fix it.



“I will shave your face with my car.”

She basically lost her mind at this point, which should surprise no one.


Luckily for Bobby (and Rayena’s patients), he stopped her before she could leave the hospital. He sent her a new picture of himself and their son, both smiling, both with full heads of hair. Rayena was a much better sport about the whole thing than I would have been, although she did ominously say, “One day I’m going to have to tell my bunkmate in prison I’m doing life because my dumb ass husband thought he was funny.” Honestly, would any jury have convicted her for murder? I don’t think so.

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